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Utility chest rig package

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Platatac Chicom Padded Rig 10x in multicam 

Designed for lite weight operations this chest rig is going to be your best friend when you need to bug out. The chest rig has been well thought out to work in conjunction with your bug out bag allowing you to use all the bear essentials on your chest and being accessible. 

Why a chest rig?

The Platatac CHICOM Padded Rig is a low profile, lightweight, stand-alone modular platform. Available in multiple widths to accommodate different various body types. It is perfect for every day use when you need the bear essentials with you at all times. The chest rig is perfect for individuals whom find it hard to have weight on their shoulders and is great for women young or old. 

package includes 

  • Platatac Chicom padded rig
  • Platatac Chicom LW H-harness 
  • Platatac water/utility pouch (Bottle included)
  • Platatac ASAD pouch (fully equipped IFAK)
  • Platatac motorola pouch 
  • Platatac S&M zippered admin pouch 
  • Gerber strong arm fixed blade knife