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Portable HF Radio Package

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From HF to 50/144/430 MHz*, you can enjoy a variety of bands in D-STAR DV, SSB, CW, AM and FM modes. The IC-705 receives continuously from the medium wave broadcast band to 144 MHz band. You can also enjoy FM broadcast and air band reception. 

The IC-705 inherits the performance and functions of the IC-7300 and IC-9700 RF scopes.
You can visually identify the band condition and check clear frequencies.
It takes you to the next level, beyond traditional field operation. This will allow you to gather information around you faster and more reliable out in the field. 

Despite being a portable radio, it achieves the maximum output power of 10W with a 13.8V DC external power supply. When the standard BP-272 Li-ion battery pack is used, operation at the maximum output power of 5W is possible. True 5W's QRP as well as 0.5W's QRP are supported. 

The PA500 is an ultra-compact RF amplifier with an integrated auto antenna tuner. This allows you to have up to 60Ws of power through the antenna to make those hard communications possible. 

The PowerFilm solar panel is perfect to keep your emergency radio communications in operation. Made in the USA this foldable panel is built for the most extreme environments that the world has to throw at you allowing you to stay connected in the most hostile places. 


1x ICOM IC-705
1x PA500 AMP and Turner
1x BLF-1212A Battery (10 hours on HF, at least 10 hours on VHF/UHF, 20% TX and 80% RX)
2x CHA Coax cable 1x 50ft  1x 3ft 
3x CHA BNC to SO239 connectors 
1x CHA 8010 antenna (lightweight end fed sloper)
1x Sord strike pack (multicam or coyote brown)
1x Throw line & weight 
1x GoDark 10L faraday bags
1x PowerFilm 30W solar blanket