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Meshtastic® is an open-source project that allows the use of inexpensive LoRa radios, as a long range, off-grid communication devices; for areas without reliable mobile service. These radios are great for hiking, hunting, operations planning & preparedness.

Each user with an off-grid phone and mesh device can send and receive text messages, while also optionally providing GPS locations. 


  • Encryption Messages are fully encrypted with AES256 encryption
  • Long range Communicate kilometres between nodes 
  • Low Power Able to last days on end on a single battery 
  • Scalable The ability to have a large network

These radios are also great for the kids, allowing you to have constant communication with them; even during a prolong period where mobile service is unavailable, or down. 

Meshtastic automatically creates a mesh to forward packets as needed, so everyone in your group can receive messages from even the farthest member.
All radios will need an off-grid phone paired with the radio. 

Ask us about installing nodes on the roof of your home for increase range. 

AU/NZ frequency - 915MHz

Includes Meshtastic board, upgraded antenna, case and battery.