HIKMICRO Gryphon GH25L Thermal Fusion Monocular

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The HIKMICRO GRYPHON GH25L thermal fusion monocular combines the use of both visible light and invisible light to create an image that can be used in any environment. Equipped with a custom 384 × 288px 12um sensor, a stunning OLED display, a 25mm lens and a laser rangefinder, the HIKMICRO Gryphon takes thermal monoculars to a whole new level.

The HIKMICRO GRYPHON sports an in built Range Finder, accurate to +/- 1m over 600m, hot tracking, 6 colour pallets including Image Fusion, and integrated with the T-Vision app over wifi. The custom designed thermal detector featuring a NETD of less than 35mkv provides a clear image even in harsh environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, forest, etc.