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Campers Pantry - Long Life Meal Tub (x20 Emergency Dinners)

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Chicken Cacciatore Expedition Packet 80g [GF] x 4
Indian Chicken Pilaf Expedition Packet 100g [GF] x 4
Cauliflower Pea Dahl Expedition Packet 100g [GF] x 4
Spicy Mexican Beans Expedition Packet 100g [GF] x 4
Penne Bolognese Expedition Packet 100g x 4


  • Heavy Duty Military Pouches
  • Vac formed & Nitrogen flushed
  • 5 year shelf stable 
  • Cook and Eat from the Pouch
  • Clean Ingredients
  • 100% Freeze Dried
These meals are the lightest, most compact on the market. Campers Pantry cook with real ingredients like you do at home then freeze dry the meal. They do not use any bulking or filler ingredients so you get a true clean product. The serving size is 380 grams to 400 grams and we source local chicken breast and lean grass fed, hormone free beef.

These serves are true serves and NOT survival rations. You can, if need be, reduce the serving size to make this pack go further and use rice to bulk out each meal.