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Campers Pantry - Chicken Breast Long Life Tub (2.5kg | 80 Serves)

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Succulent bite-size pieces of hormone free real chicken to use in risottos, your favourite curry or even campfire tacos.

Rehydrate in warm or hot water then strain and brown in a hot pan with oil. You can also simply add to your one pot recipe.

2.5 kg Dried = 9 kg Original Weight
80 serves x 118 grams per serve

  • 100% Australian Produce
  • Packed In A Heavy Duty Mylar Bags
  • Hormone Free
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • Long Life 5 Years
  • Blanched To Save You Time
  • High Nutrient Retention
  • Great Flavour
  • Quick To Rehydrate
  • No Preservatives
  • 80 Serves
  • Gluten Free

Serving size explanation:
Our single serve sizes are based on 120 grams of fresh meat.

*** Please note Campers Pantry chicken is real 100% chicken breast and not held together with binders and soy protein (TVP). In some cases during the packing and transport of this product, the chicken dices can "self shred". All flavours and nutrients are preserved ready for cooking.